Maschine Brennt full-length album “The Hearing Aid” released

Maschine Brennt has finally released the album “The Hearing Aid”. Spreading from 1992 to 2017 all tracks are re-programmed, re-done, re-produced or just completely new.
Contains “Du bist”, “Sistema”, “Backspace” and more.
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Maschine Brennt remixed

The new EP from Maschine Brennt contains four versions/remixes of the track “Du bist”, as well as an alternate version of the track “Ich bin”. Both tracks will be featured in their original versions on the forthcoming album “The Hearing Aid”.

Three of the tracks on the EP are produced/remixed by Maschine Brennt and the others are made by Swedish DJ/music producer ‘Seaward’ and American IDM artist ‘th4 D34D’.

Maschine Brennt – Du Bist

The 2nd release from forthcoming album “The Hearing Aid” is here! Maschine Brennt has taken the opportunity to include techno/electro artist Yoshihiro Hayashi from Tokyo Electro Beat Park with a remix of the track “Du Bist”. The EP also includes a secondary version (v2) and of course the original track. You can listen to it on all major digital streaming services and buy it from [Bandcamp].

150 BPM of Machine Pop

Maschine Brennt speeds up on the latest release.
Catch your copy of “Speak and spell / Backspace” on Bandcamp today!

Maschine Brennt – Speak and spell / Backspace