Plonk is a Stockholm based label and community of music producing artists in the electronic music and Machine Pop realm.

All artists release music of their own while achieving community synergy, i.e. remixing, assisting in production and mastering duties, sharing ideas, giving feedback and contributing to Plonk development.

Plonk started in 2014 with the aim to bring focus on the minimal electronic music that started the whole electronic music movement in the 1970’s by Kraftwerk. Today electronic music includes so many different music styles and genres in itself which makes it difficult for listeners to find new music in this particular style.

Unfortunately it’s more than seldom lumped in with various types of music which in many aspects couldn’t be further apart, often the only similarity is that it’s made by synthesized sounds which incidentally is how most music is made these days.

Since the genre term Machine pop hasn’t yet been abused and misused, it makes searching the web for new music in this style easier, thus we hope to see more “music workers” using the term Machine Pop.