Plonk Proudly Presents  – We Are Machine Pop 4

Finally! It’s the time of the year when Team Plonk gather to release a compilation which summons the year and tells the world about the wonderful sound of Machine Pop. A sound constantly developing from the main inspiration of Kraftwerk and the Düsseldorf school of electronic music.
On this, our fourth compilation, we are proud to say that we have widened our perspectives both sonically and geographically. We have a new guest artist on this release by the name of Kosmonaute (Sweden) and just like the latest Plonk artists, Marboss (France) and Kevin Lux (USA), he gets his inspiration from the distinctive Düsseldorf sound. Another new addition on the compilation is Lobtec, a side project of Maschine Brennt.


From the previous compilations we’re glad to present favourites like Deutsche Bank, Kretz, DATAPOP, Sector One, Silicon Machines, Maschine Brennt, Unisonlab, and Neon. All with fresh Machine Pop tracks produced exclusively for this compilation.

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We Are Machine-pop 4

Release date: Dec 1 2017

12 songs of Machine-pop

Plonk Compilation 2017

Plonk – Dec 1 2017

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