Plonk Proudly Presents  “We Are Machine Pop 3”

We are very excited to see this annual event becoming a tradition of ours. Since the previous releases of “We Are Machine Pop1 & 2” was very much appreciated, we didn’t change a lot. All Plonk artists contributed with one track each, and the sound is still our all appreciated trademark sound: Machine Pop.
This years album contains 12 great machine pop tracks. With this release it feels like we have all stepped up and developed our skills a lot. We have also widened our perspectives both sonically and geographically. Zeitmodelle is our first Finnish/Russian contributor and just like the latest Plonk artist Niels Gordon he gets his inspiration from early 70s Düsseldorf. Other new additions on the compilation are Z:Industries and Modulation which have a rhythmic respective melodic take to their electro sound.
From the previous albums we’re glad to present favourites like Deutsche Bank, Kretz, DATAPOP, Sector One, Maschine Brennt, Unisonlab, Tobitron and Neon. All with fresh Machine Pop tracks produced exclusively for this compilation.
We think this is our best album yet and we hope you will to.

We Are Machine-Pop 4 Out Now!   I want it →