MARBOSS is a major contributor to the French electro scene. He uses cutting-edge music technology in the creation of innovative compositions, via sound-design, DJing and VJing techniques, demonstrating that he is a veritable sound scientist. One can notice here the use of synthetic layers, simple and catchy melodies, rhythms enriched by electro-acoustic sounds, and minimalistic vocals sung or rendered by a vocoder.

In January 2007, he released a single ‘Train Grande Vitesse de l’Est’ which is becoming the official music for the TGV-Est in France. He won the first prize of electronic music and is sponsored by Music Academy International in September 2010.

On 3rd April 2011, Marboss presents an electronic sound-design entitled “Fukushima Daiichi” recorded live during a benefit concert for Japan given at the Arsenal in Metz (France), is a musical summary of the nuclear disaster that occurred in Japan, March 11th 2011. One is certainly lost for words to describe such events, whereas MARBOSS prefers to give a sonic narrative of the reactors deterioration, through electronic sound sculpturing, immersing the listener into an “electro-radioactive” mood.

During the three following years, he worked on his new album called 9 mastered in London at The Exchange Studio. The digital album is available in 4 EPs of 3 tracks each : EP#1/4, EP#2/4, EP#3/4 and EP#4/4.

musica electronica (LP), 1999,
emusic (LP), 2002,
train grande vitesse de l’est (EP), 2007,
electrotherapies (LP), 2008,
alpha omega – remixes (LP), 2009,
fukushima daiichi (LP), 2011,
9 (LP), 2016.