1. Unterwegs In Meinem Saab
  2. Frankfurt Am Main
  3. Cities
  4. Cüber Mensch
  5. (don’t stop) Autopop
  6. Benzin
  7. 92001


Others say:

“One could argue that Deutsche Bank borrows too much from the patented late seventies/early eighties Kraftwerk formula, but then again he does it with so much love, elegance and know-how one can’t help but love it.”
Release magazine


“Deutsche Bank sounds in the purest tradition of ‘Kraftwerk-pop’ music. The fine bleeps, somewhat space-like synths, low bass lines, melodic tunes and the unavoidable robotic vocal parts are directly reminding me of the legendary pioneers of electro-pop music.”


  • Additional info

  • Release Date: Oct 10, 2013
  • Format: album
  • Artist: Deutsche Bank
  • Cat No: plonk001
  • Media: Wav, MP3