Kretz, born in Stockholm and raised on the island of limestone (Gotland) has a long history in the music industry. Started off making music on the C64, Atari and Amiga for various hacker/cracker/demoscene groups, the spark of electronic music was born. I have been involved with a lot of record labels/companies around the world (Svek, Loop records, Skint Records, Good looking, Mo´wax, React, Paper Recordings, Why Not, Reco-Nice, Plump House, Sub-Stance to name a few) in business or production. Production wise I have done everything from deep underground techno, acid jazz, trip-hop to ex hippies playing the sitar. Schooled on the analog scene with classic analog waveform creation to reel to reel recording.

I have a past as a record company A&R and as a label manager. With a heart for the electronic music i now release under 3 different names: Anode, Rex 42 and finally Kretz. Enjoy!

// Kretz

Have a listen to the latest Kretz release: Gemeinschafts Informationen

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