Maschine Brennt


Behind Maschine Brennt you will find Joacim Thenander, a guy with a long experience in making computer-based music. In the late ‘80s he was a member of industrial synth band Systema The Affliction, and later he was the driving force behind the thrash synth/hip hop crossover duo Cultivated Bimbo. In the ‘90s he released more mainstream dance music and remixes, mainly house and techno stuff, but also a few drum n bass tracks. 

Maschine Brennt was born 1991 as a project on the side of Cultivated Bimbo. The following year, Maschine Brennt made only three public performances, and together with Joacim were a few more members on stage to add some extra spice to the almost theatrical performances.
Maschine Brennt made just a handful more tracks during the ‘90s, and after the turn of the millennium Joacim concentrated more on his other projects focusing on techno/house again.
In 2014, Maschine Brennt came back with releases on the Swedish label Plonk. Later he joined forces with Kretz and started releasing tracks on Encrypted Records.

The first album was released in 2017 both digitally (Plonk) and as a CD (Razgrom Music). Joacim has also done a number of remixes since 2014, including for artists such as My Love Kills, KRAFTman, Monopolx, Carlos Sicrock, Monel, Vogon Poetry, Niels Gordon, The System, Metroland, Dark Vektor, Kevin Lux, Deutsche Bank, Prototype 74, Pi-XL, Neon, Sector One, Jonteknik, Unisonlab, Datapop and Kretz.
Maschine Brennt has figured on releases from labels Plonk, Encrypted Records, Razgrom Music, Bass Agenda, Ukonx Recordings, Battery Park Studio, Electro Avenue, Electro Shock Records, Anti Gravity Device, Elektrodos, New North Records and more.
A second album (CD + Digital) will be released during the summer 2021 (Plonk/Razgrom Music).

The influences are early 80’s electro, and of course that special german Düsseldorf sound. Music for man and machine.

PLONK releases:
2014 – Bionic (EP) // PLONK 004
2014 – Bionic [remixed] (Album) // PLONK 008
2015 – System (EP) // PLONK 013
2016 – I Want To Be Human (EP) // PLONK 018
2016 – Música Electrónica (EP) // PLONK 028
2017 – Speak and Spell / Backspace (EP) // Plonk 035
2017 – Du bist (EP) // Plonk 041
2017 – Du bist [remixes] (EP) // Plonk 043
2017 – The Hearing Aid (Album) // Plonk 045
2018 – 60 Seconds (EP) // Plonk 052
2018 – Electric Music (EP) // Plonk 054
2018 – Place to Place (EP) // Plonk 056
2018 – Systematyka (EP) // Plonk 059
2019 – Trick (EP) // Plonk 064
2021 – Artificial Intelligence (Single) // Plonk 071
2021 – Loop (Single) // Plonk 072
2021 – Puls (Album) // Plonk 073
2021 – Europe (Single) // Plonk 074

other releases:
I Am Chameleon (EP) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 002
ENVLPE: ATK(EP) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 004
ENVLPE: DCY(EP) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 006
ENVLPE: STN(EP) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 008
ENVLPE: RLS(EP) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 011
Mortal Immortal (EP) // Battery Park Studio, BTRY050
The Hearing Aid (CD Album) // Razgrom Music, RAZ 031
TLC (EP) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 016A
Scope (Single) // Microlab, MLSP001
Frisq (EP) // Ukonx Recordings, UKX10
Venus (Album) // Microlab, MLLP001
21 mins of 125 BPM (EP) // Microlab, MLEP014
Electro Elite (EP) // Battery Park Studio, BTRY059
Overload (Single) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 014
Zeitkunst (Single) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 019
Overload – v2 remix (Single) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 021
Demo Sessions 94-95 (EP) // Microlab, MLEP016
Construction (Single) // Encrypted Records, Encrypted 023