Deutsche Bank


Deutsche Bank is a one piece act consisting of Mats From that started in 2009 after making cover versions of various songs in an electronic and minimalistic style.

This led to writing own material and continuing developing the project in a more serious way. In 2013 the first album Autopop was released, getting high praises for it’s new take on the style while still remaining true to the classic sound.

Upcoming album Grand Unified Theory is under construction.

Most popular songs:
Unterwegs in meinem Saab, Frankfurt am main, (don’t stop)Autopop, Cities

Others say:
“One could argue that Deutsche Bank borrows too much from the patented late seventies/early eighties Kraftwerk formula, but then again he does it with so much love, elegance and know-how one can’t help but love it.”
Release magazine

“Deutsche Bank sounds in the purest tradition of ‘Kraftwerk-pop’ music. The fine bleeps, somewhat space-like synths, low bass lines, melodic tunes and the unavoidable robotic vocal parts are directly reminding me of the legendary pioneers of electro-pop music.”



Eqipment used






Orange vocoder